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$49.99 per unit

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The ET Pest Control has become one of the most powerful and unique ways for repelling unwanted pests problems. Poisonous pesticides, chemical sprays, and traps will become a thing of the past.

The ET Pest Control we believe is the most powerful electronic pest repeller on the market today. Once plugged-in it goes straight to work creating a VERY chaotic and unstable place for pests to live. In return most pest problems are forced to leave the area.

Utilizing four powerful repelling techniques along with repelling features that really get the job done. 

Protect Yourself Today against new pests from entering your home while getting rid of the ones you have.



High Impact Ultrasonic Repelling

The ET Pest Control utilizes this technique to repel pest within the open areas of homes, offices, and outside gathering areas. These ultra high ultrasonic sounds are admitted by two large high impact speaker that can cover 5000 square feet in open areas.

e believe that the ET Pest Control units are the most powerful pest repellers on the market today and here's why.

Two of something focused on the problem area is much better that one.

There are two high impact speakers totally dedicated to repelling pests along with being specially designed and tuned to repel within the hearing ranges of most pest problems.

By setting the Frequency Range, adjustable Pitch, and adjustable Output you have the ability to direct all of the power toward your specific pest problem. These adjustments are as simple as switching up or down on a button and we give you an information sheet that will help you dedicate the ET Pest Control to your specific problem.


Electromagnetic High Impact Repelling

Coverage: Around 50ft of inner wall.

Similar to the ET High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds repelling within the rooms of homes and businesses, the ET Electromagnetic High Impact Repelling concentrates on the inner walls.

ET Electromagnetic Repelling utilizes the wiring within your walls sending signals tuned towards irritating pest to the max! This type of repelling is the first line of defense when pests try and enter your home. As this technology is a secondary repellent there is nothing that you need to set as you simply plug-in the ET and the wiring within your walls starts to repel.

ET Electromagnetic Repelling Technology is 100% Safe as it will not affect humans, cats, dogs, birds, computers, radios, all appliances and any type of electronics that you can think of. This technology does not increase the electromagnetic field, but simply tunes the already existing electromagnetic field within your wiring, creating mass pest confusion.


Think of it this way, if you give the ET Pest Control six weeks, your pest problem will be packing their bags because once plugged-in, their environment will totally be disrupted and unbearable to live in.

  1. Electromagnetic High Impact being admitted from ET Pest Control is somewhat of a force field for your home.

  2. It is the first line of defense meeting any new pest problems trying to enter your home.

  3. For most pest problems, over 85% are in the cracks and in the walls of the home or work place and that is why we here at D&R Technologies LLC. have dedicated more time to the Electromagnetic High Impact feature for maximum pest control.

  4. Another great option: using an extension cord will not only help you get your ET pest repeller properly placed but the extension cord will repel by using the electromagnetic high impact feature.


Twin Scanning Technology

The ET Pest Repeller utilizes Twin Scanning Technology by using its specially positioned High Impact Speakers to create a more chaotic environment for pests. This technique helps create a more positive result when cover rooms with lots of stuff in them.
We have found by using TST that our ET Pest Control units have repelled better by 15%.

Remember the more speakers you have facing the infested area the higher the repelling impact.


Ultrasonic Variable Sounds

The idea of Ultrasonic Variable Sound is that you will repel a wider variety of pest problems by running up and down the scale of ultrasonic sound instead of just using one ultrasonic frequency. It also helps so pests cannot adjust to the annoying sounds being admitted.

Night Light

This option is awesome as it definitely gives you a sleek look, like if you just have a night light plugged into your wall outlet. Your visitors will not even know that you have/had a pest problem.

Night light has an On/Off switch.

Plugs-in to the common US 120V outlet
Power input: 120V/50-60Hz
Power consumption: 3-4 watts
Model#: C007
EPA EST. No.: 085464-CHN-001


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