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Dear Customers we here at D&R Technologies LLC. are out to please our customers and keep things fair for every purchase made, so don't worry if you have a problem we will do our best to keep you satisfied.
We Care.
Please E-mail us at info@1repeller.com so we can give you and RA No.
This helps us track Returns.

Return Address is: D&R Technologies LLC
                              11101 Totem Road
                              Anchorage, AK 99516

Contact No.: 480-319-4660
  1. If you discover there is a problem with the product after you receive it, we expect that you will notify us immediately.
  2. Items purchased from D&R Technologies LLC have a 60 day money back guarantee minus shipping meaning we refund no shipping fees.
  3. When returning within the 60 days you are entitled a full refund on the purchase price.
  4. Purchased date starts the day of arrived product that was bought from D&R. We here at D&R know this date as every package sent out has a delivery confirmation that dates when it was delivered.
  5. Once returned and we find that the product was damaged, there will be an assessment on the damaged from a D&R technician and a fee will be charged. If a D&R technician's assessment is too great of damage, the product will be sent back to the customer and there will be no refund.
  6. After 60 days and you decide that you simply aren't satisfied and a return is your only solution, we will impose a restocking charge. Restocking charges will be  30% of the original purchase price.
  7. There is a 1 Year Warranty that covers broken products from D&R Technologies LLC.
  8. The 1 Year Warranty covers improper malfunctions on product sold from D&R Technologies LLC. Send back product and we will either fix the problem or replace it.  If product has been extremely exteriorly damaged, our D&R technician will assess this and a fee will be charged to replace or fix the unit.

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