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  I would like to take the time to thank D&R Technologies for their wonderful product. The ET Pest Control really got rid of our bat infestation. We did everything that the representative suggested to us as we didn't have enough plug-in outlets in our attic. The extension chord was a great idea. I will definitely spread the word about the ET Pest Control. Thanks again.     Josh,OH


About a month ago, I had a severe bat problem in my attic. I didn't know what to do. I knew that I didn't want to place traps everywhere as I have 2 small dogs that roam about around the house. A friend of mine told me about the ET Pest Control from D&R and was really satisfied with the results. I wasn't sure how many to purchase so for the time being I decided to e-mail the company. I was happy with the fast response and for their great ideas. I purchased one of the ET Pest Control and once I received it, I placed it into the most infested area in the attic. After about 2 weeks, the bats seemed to be repelled away. My friend was right about your product. It worked great. Thanks D&R Technologies for all your help.     Kathleen, MN


Many many thanks to D&R for helping us with our bat problem.  The representative really explained his product well and helped us to make the right decision. I was really happy with the fast delivery and how well the ET Pest Control works! After about a week we really noticed great results. Now we all can sleep during the night! Thanks again and I will definitely recommend the ET Pest Control to my friends and family as I am very pleased.   John, KS


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