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  I am allergic to bees so that makes me scared to death of them. I came across the ET Pest Control from D&R Technologies and decided to try it. To my surprise it came within 3 days after I purchased it. The bees seem to really like my porch, the problem is, so do I. One of us had to leave. I plugged in the ET Pest Control on my porch and I must say, the bees finally are leaving me alone. Thanks to D&R for the great product.  Ed, GA

My garage was infested with bees. They have built a bee hive in the west corner of the garage making it really hard to get in and out of the car. I tried a couple bug sprays and had no results. I got on the internet and did some research on pest repellers. I came across the ET Pest Control from www.1repellers.com. I really liked the look of this pest repeller and how it works. I ordered two of the ET Pest Controls as I felt I had a severe bee problem. Since about 2 1/2 weeks ago, the bees have left the area. I also managed to destroy the bee hive without getting stung! Thanks D&R.  
Wendy from FL   

My house is surrounding by all kinds of flowers. I admit, i am crazy about flowers but I am not crazy about the bees that surround my home also!! It's not fun trying to out smart them when watering my flowers. I found the ET Pest Control on the internet and liked what I read. I purchased one and must say that I am very pleased with the results. Thanks        Betty, MN


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