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  You guys rock! Your one pest repeller did the job right. We had black little beetles in our entry way that seemed to always make it inside our home. The ET Pest Control got rid of our beetles! Thanx    Mark, MI

A big thank you goes out to www.1repellers.com for their great product called the ET Pest Control. We had beetles in our plants and nothing seemed to help get rid of them. From cleaning to transplanting, they seemed to stick around. I came across the ET Pest Control on the internet and decided to purchase one. I plugged in the ET Pest Control in the living room where our plants are and the beetles seemed to be gone. I will continue to leave the ET Pest Control plugged in to keep them away. Thanks again.     Paul, AK

If anyone has brown beetles in your home, I recommend the ET Pest Control from www.1repellers.com. It worked for me. It took about 2 weeks for them to repel but I have yet to see one in my home!!   Blanche, MN

I have a greenhouse and come summertime i get all kinds of beetles hanging around. I purchased a couple ET Pest Controls and placed them within the greenhouse. Within a couple weeks, I noticed hardly any beetles at all! Thank you very much. Janet, FL


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