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  My basement apartment was infested with spiders, centipedes, and small black beetles. It was disgusting. They were making their homes under my bed. I read up that they love the dark, cold places. I am really scared of bugs so I wanted help fast. I came across your website and liked what I saw and read about the ET Pest Control. I decided to purchase one of the ET Pest Control. It came to my address within 3 days. Thanks for the fast delivery. The ET Pest Control is working great. The pests seem to be leaving my apartment. Thank you very much for getting rid of those nasty critters.  Bill, OH

My garden shed seemed to be a great hotel for centipedes. They were everywhere. I remember hearing about the ET Pest Control at work and on how well it worked for an employee. I then approached the employee and got the name of the website he purchased it from. I then bought one for myself. He was right. The ET Pest Control works great. The centipedes seem to be irritated because they are leaving the shed. Finally. Thanks    Ronald, IN 

Thank you very much for all your help. The ET Pest Control really did the job! It has been nice to live in our apartment without any centipedes crawling around or jumping out scaring us as we move our things around. Also, thanks for the fast delivery. We got our centipede pest problem under control.     Brad, MN 


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