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  I own a duplex that was recently infested with cockroaches. I have never had a cockroach problem before and I didn't want the word to spread so I got on the internet and came across the ET pest repeller. Since I felt that this was a severe problem, I purchased 4 of them and placed them throughout the duplex. It took a couple weeks to finally see great results! I am so pleased to say that my duplex is cockroach free. My tenants are happy again. I will definitely purchase from your company again.     Gerald, AL

I want to give my gratitude of thanks to the representative at D&R Technologies for helping me with my cockroach problem. I had just moved into my apartment and didn't notice until a week after I moved in, that there were these creepy crawly things in my cabinets. I couldn't believe they were roaches. I never had roaches. I guess the tenant before me did. I didn't know what could help. I then looked on the internet and came across the one pest repeller. I called and talked with a representative and he reassured me how the pest repeller works and what I needed to do. I decided to purchase the one pest repeller. It has been 3 weeks and the cockroaches seem to be leaving my home! Thanks for all your help and for the great product.  Jerry, IN

This is an update on one of our latest orders for repelling cockroaches. A Maren Powell from New York, NY call me up a said that the ET Pest Control works great and she wanted to order 15 more ET's to cover an apartment building. The way she sounded she was very happy with the results.
Posted by Chandi C.


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