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  I have had a flea problem for almost 2 weeks now. I washed everything I could think of and cleaned the best I could. Nothing seems to work. I came across the ET Pest Control from D&R Technologies and decided to purchase the ET Pest Control. The fleas seem to be mostly in my living room. My dog has no fleas, as I took care of his problem. The ET Pest Control is exactly what I needed. This pest repeller really works. After about 3 days, I noticed a big difference. Thanks for helping me out.    Duane, TN

I have 3 dogs and they all had fleas. After we got their flea problem under control, we noticed we still had fleas in our apartment. I got on the internet and found the ET Pest Control. I ordered two of them and quickly plugged them into the most infested areas. It has been 3 weeks now, and the fleas have vanished. Wow! Thanks guys.   Stacey, MD 

I recommend the ET Pest Control for anyone who is battleling with fleas. I was shocked on how well this pest repeller worked. After just a couple weeks I was flea free =)         Marcie, AZ


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