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  When I went to Home Depot to try to get help with my fly problem, the person I talked to had no idea what to do. Then I went to the internet and found 1repeller.com. My order was fast and the gentleman that I spoke with on the telephone answered all my questions. The ET Pest Control is everything that you advertise. Thanks Jean, TX

I am a happy returning customer as I am a maintenance person and have come across a lot of pest problems in my units. The ET Pest Control really gets the job done right. I will continue to purchase from your company as I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks for making my job easier.  Carlos, NM  

I own a small cafe' and have a severe fly problem. My display for the pies was infested with little black flies. It was disgusting. I tried the fly traps, and sticky tape and just had enough with the mess. I immediately got on the internet and looked up pest repellers. I came across the ET Pest Control and decided to purchase a few. After placing them in my cafe', the flies have started to diminish. Thanks very much!!!   Tee, Seattle


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