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  I am so glad that you guys exist! My plants were invaded with ladybugs in my greenhouse. So, as you know, I couldn't use any chemicals or poison sprays as my plants would be damaged. I got on the internet and through Google I found 1repellers.com. There I found the ET Pest Control. I decided to purchase a couple of them as I have a lot of plants. I placed one on the north side and the other on the south side of the greenhouse. I must say, the ladybugs have been disappearing and my plants look healthier than ever. Thank you very much for everything.  DaisyLee, GA

I am very excited to say that the ET Pest Control from D&R Technologies works great. It got rid of my ladybug problem within a couple weeks. Best wishes    Darla, CT

You guys had exactly what I was looking for. The ET Pest Control got rid of the ladybugs in my entry way. I will definitely spread the word about your great product to all my friends and family. Thanks  Linda, KY 


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