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  I recently moved into an apartment and noticed under my kitchen sink little mice terds! I couldn't believe it. As I cleaned up the mess I could hear noises coming from behind the wall. I had enough. I bought the special deal from D&R Technologies which was buy 3 ET Pest Controls' and receive one free!! I thought "Yes!" I didn't know how severe my rodent problem was that's why I purchased a few. My mice problem is finally getting under control. Thanks a bunch.   Randy, OK


I am a divorced mother of two and have been living and battling with mice for quite some time. A friend of mine suggested I look at your website. I liked what I saw and decided to purchase from you. I received the ET Pest Control within 2 days. I plugged it into my kitchen and am very pleased to say that the ET Pest Control really works great. I still leave it plugged in 24 hours a day to keep the mice from returning. Thanks for helping us.  Donna, NC

I just want to say that the ET Pest Control from D&R works wonders. I had a huge mice problem that was out of control. The ET Pest Control got it under control. I will keep your website in my records. Thanks again.     Troy, NJ


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