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  I recently moved in with my best friend in her two bedroom apartment. All was great until we noticed rats in the living room. We are totally scared of rats. Neither one of us wanted to move. I decided to look on the internet for any rat repellers. We came across 1repellers.com. We thought this is exactly what we needed. We ordered The ET Pest Control and quickly plugged it into the living room. It has been almost 3 weeks and the rats are gone. We really are happy with the ET Pest Control. Thanks D&R Tech.   Leslie, NY

My Grandmother recently had rats in her basement. They were everywhere. I found www.1repeller.com on the internet and decided to speak with a representative. He was very helpful and helped us choose which pest repeller will do the job. I ordered 2 ET Pest Controls and placed them on each end of her basement. It took awhile for them to finally repel as I knew that it wouldn't happen overnight. The rats are gone and my Grandmother is at ease. Thanks Guys!       Adam, NJ

My warehouse was totally infested with rats. I couldn't believe it. We constantly have delivery drivers leaving and coming from the warehouse and you would think the rats would just run out when the doors open. I came across this site called www.1repeller.com. I ordered a couple of the ET Pest Controls and placed them within the warehouse. After 3 weeks, the rats have left the building!      Thanks, Nick, UT


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