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#1 Electronic Pest Repeller
High Impact
(for deep inner wall repelling)
Twin Scanning
(TST helps ultrasonic sounds repel better)
High Impact Ultrasonic
(covering 5000 Sq. Ft. open area)

Ultrasonic Variable Sounds

(constantly changing ultrasonic frequencies so the pests will not become use to a single sound signal)


Direct Impact Repelling Adjustments

(Lets You target your rodent or insect problem)


"ET PEST CONTROL" 2012 Special

Purchase 3 and Receive 1 Free

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D&R Technologies LLC is proud to present The ET Pest Control.

Taking electronic pest repellers to another level, The ET Pest Control has one of the most unique designs with undoubtedly the most Powerful Techniques to get rid of your pest problem today.

To learn all about this powerful pest repeller and the many unique options it has to offer just simply click here



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