Absolutely Not, the ET Pest Control is 100% Safe.

Regarding Dogs and Cats, in some cases maybe 1 out of a 1000 your dog or cat could be able to hear our device within the same room. If you are worried about that the best test is to have your dog or cat sitting right next to you while you simply plug the ET Pest Control in. Watch their ears and see if they twitch or your pet wants to get away. If they do not react there not picking up on the sounds. If for some reason they do and they are trying to get away this means they are picking up on the sounds.

If after the test and you feel your dog or cat has picked up on the sounds our suggestion is not to use the ET Pest Control within the same room as where your dog or cat hangs out in. Example: a lot of Rodent and Bat Pest issues are with-in attics or basements of homes. By using the ET within other rooms in the house where your dog or cat does not hang out in is completely ok. Again, the ET Pest Control is made to irritate / repel and not kill. If you’re just not that comfortable regarding your cat or dog then simple just do not use the ET Pest Control and we have no problem getting you refunded and helping with the return.

Regarding Pet Birds, snakes, lizards, and fish there has never been a report of an issue of them being affected / picking up on the sounds.

Regarding Rodent Type Pets such as mice, gerbils and rats, these rodents will be affected / irritated when the ET Pest Control is set to Target Rodent in the Low Range.

Regarding Insect Type Pets such as spider, scorpions and any other type pet insects you might have. When the ET Pest Control is set to Target Insects / High Range, most all insects are known to be affected / irritated, so its best not to use the ET Pest Control around insect pets.

Yes, the ET Pest Control is weather and water resistant But Not Water Proof (it can’t be dunked in a Bucket of water). Its always best to give the ET Pest Control some shelter from the rain.

Yes……We recommend this for the hard to reach places. Also flat plug in strips work great for positioning your repeller.

No not really!……..The only thing you might be able to hear is a slight clicking noise, but right up close. This noise would be only heard on the “OUTPUT RANDOM OPTION” as the ultrasonic sounds are being admitted from speaker to speaker.

Absolutely not.  The speaker is not working properly and in this case it will not repel. We recommend contacting us so we can help you out with this issue.